The 10,000 Hour Myth

A myth is a false belief or idea that is widely held. One such myth that has enveloped youth sports is the idea that to become an elite athlete all one needs 10,000 hours of sustained, deliberate training. This is a myth in every sense of the word. I recently gave a talk at a national soccer coaches meeting. I asked the audience if they had heard of 10,000 hour rule. Everyone raised their hand. Then I asked if they had heard it was not exactly true and a misrepresentation of the study of performance. Only about 10% raised their hand. Myth confirmed. Ten years ago, very few people outside of academia knew of Anders Ericcson or his study that found a correlation between thousands of hours of training and elite musical performance. That all changed in 2008 when Malcolm Gladwell popularized the 10,000 Hour Rule in his book Outliers: The Story of Success. The